Intimidation Station: The Metropolis That Is The Internet….

As a first time blogger, this is intimidating!


Photo Credit: messiole via Compfight cc

That being said, I think that this step is crucial to my growth as a student and teacher. I’m interested and excited to see all of the ideas and information that are available from other educational bloggers. There is such a wealth of information on the internet about education and technology, the hard part is to find a starting point. I am very excited that this class gives me the opportunity to dive into the world of online savvy educators that will help keep my teaching practice new, exciting, and fun for my students.

I would definitely be lying if I said that I was not tech savvy. I do have accounts that I use regularly with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are a few social media apps I feel like I am missing out on as well that I am hoping to play around with in the near future such as reddit, vine and snapchat.

One venture that I have started a couple of months ago with a friend of mine is on SoundCloud. We started a hockey podcast which has been a great experience for me and has just been a lot of fun. There is a big BUT though….I struggle to take care of the tech side of the podcast. This leads to what l will be doing for my major project, an education based podcast.

I am excited for this new experience as well as learning from all of my EC&I 831 colleagues!

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