Opening Your Mind to the Matrix…That is the Internet!!

Technology is a universe that keeps expanding and improving, it is a vast tool that that we use to educate ourselves daily. Gone are the days of the 1,300 page dictionary when all we have to do is pull from our pockets the almost weightless smartphone, open a browser, type in the word, and…..magic…..we have the definition of said word. As easy as that, in a font that we do not have to squint to see, or use a magnifying glass for that matter!

Photo Credit: Wylde Photo

This is one of probably millions of ways that the public can utilize the internet. What kinds of technology based tools are out there however for educators and students to take advantage of to help them both become more knowledge-able? How is technology being incorporated into classrooms from K-12? What are the benefits/drawbacks? These are a few of the questions I want to know about when taking the plunge into transforming my class into a potential paperless class.
My learning project in EC&I 831 will focus on the previously stated questions. Throughout the duration of the course I will be co-hosting a weekly podcast with classmate and colleague Lance Pollard. We will be talking about different apps, programs and technology that can be utilized in the classroom. Another important aspect that we want to deliver on is how other education professionals are utilizing technology in their classes. We hope you are able to tune in and enjoy while we chat and learn about education and the technology that is available to us as educators.

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2 Responses to Opening Your Mind to the Matrix…That is the Internet!!

  1. Logan Petlak says:

    I look forward to viewing your guys’ podcast and I enjoyed reading this: very much like what I’d imagine it would be like had you spoken it.

    I also want that potential paperless class so I’m exciting to see what tips and tech you use… I ask my students what they prefer and some prefer electronic and some need the paper to learn best so I’ve mostly made a paper/digital hybrid… assignment submission can happen digitally but I have a hard time staring at a screen as much as I do and end up printing off what they do to assess it. Perhaps you’ll have some ideas that can support this!

    Have fun with it!


    • Hey Logan,
      I am pretty excited about the podcast! It is a media outlet that really interests me and I think it will also be a welcome challenge in terms of collaborating with a colleague, scheduling interviews, and coming up with constructive information about different technologies that are utilized in class rooms.
      Making the jump to a paperless class will be a fun thing to try to take on, especially in a profession in which we rely on it so much!
      Thanks for the comment!

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