The Dawn of a New Age in Education!

Web 2.0, who would have ever thought that anthropology could be so incredibly exciting and intriguing!

What has really hooked me into this new age of online identity is the fact that it is highly social, and can be even more so on a global level. With the internet and all of the tools at our finger tips we, humans, have become our own products of globalization online. Heavy stuff! I was always of the mentality that if one was consumed by all of the social media and their online identity that they would lose out on the social aspects of their lives that assist in making us all functional contributors in our physical environments. After watching the An Anthropological Introduction by Michael Wesch and reading Minds on Fire by John Seely Brown and Richard Adler I have seen the light….I am a BELIEVER!!!

The concept that stuck out for me the most, media as mediating human relationships, was outlined by Michael Wesch in his YouTube video. The readings really helped me move past a barrier I had struggled with for years. Although there are dangers, and you need to be careful about what you post, the videos and articles that were assigned this week have given me insight to what some of the positive attributes that the internet can offer us as world citizens and educators. This makes me extremely excited and hopeful about the possibilities that will be available to my kids as they become more interactive with technology!

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2 Responses to The Dawn of a New Age in Education!

  1. I’m glad that you connect with the Wesch video. Wesch, as a digital anthropologist, is really good at pulling out the things that we may take for granted. Recognizing community in such digital spaces is an important idea.

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    • @courosa Absolutely, and I had not idea how vast the online communities were! I really enjoyed the section where he showed clips from some of his students interacting with their web cams. It was interesting to see genuine hesitations and curiosities with a tool that is the gateway to a whole new universe. Very interesting!


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