Two Peas in a Pod!

Our journey to create an education based podcast has begun! With Lance as my co-host we are diving in head first into the unknown realm of podcasting. The first thing we needed to come up with was a guideline that would state what our goals would be for this new adventure and we came up with this mission statement:
“We will create and implement a podcast (and vlog) series about the benefits of using technology in education.

In 21st century education, students are engulfed in various forms of technology daily. It is important for them to be able to incorporate technology effectively in their learning and into their daily lives. We are in an educational realm now where we as teachers are facilitators of learning rather than deliverers of information – we have the responsibility and the obligation to provide learners with resources and skills necessary to develop a learning environment of their own. This includes enabling them to develop a digital citizenship, complete with networks of learners to communicate and collaborate with, and to enhance technological skill that can be transferred into all aspects of their lives. We can also enable them to teach us as well!

We also believe in collegiality and collaboration. Therefore we are going to discuss ways that teachers can develop their professional portfolios using various forms of technology. We hope to help fellow educators expand their technological tickle trunk and have them hear from other diverse educators and learn ways to better their practice. We are also going to invite professionals from the various branches of education to share their knowledge with respect to educational technology, open education, and social media in education.”
On one hand this seems like a daunting task but on the flip side I believe there will be a great satisfaction and payoff in the end. Not only will we be discussing education technology but it is our goal to try to have a guest on every second episode who will represent a different branch of education (ie. Elementary school, high school, post-secondary, adult ed., etc.). Within these interviews we are hoping to provide new tools for teachers to experiment with and hopefully utilize in their future education as educators and learners.
The next thing we had to do was get a hold of a Mac and a mic. The Mac was easy but we wanted a good quality mic that would enhance the sound of the podcast and drown out some of the background noise that a full house can create. We ended up borrowing a Yeti USB mic from a friend of mine that has four different settings, Surround, Mono, Podcast, and the fourth one escapes me…..We decided to start up with the surround setting as we would have a number of people utilizing the same mic. It also has a gain dial on it as well that filters out background noise which I believe will help with the overall quality of the sound….no furnace sounds!!

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Photo Credit:

Garage Band on the Mac was our next feat! I took to YouTube and found a great video that took us step-by-step through the process of how to create and produce a podcast, needless to say it proved to be a huge help!

With all of our ducks in a row technologically we have also created a tentative schedule for recording, Wednesdays, and hope to have a consistent posting weekly! We really hope that you enjoy the content as well as our special guests!
Below is a copy of our first podcast!! It is approximately 10 minutes and it is virtually just giving you an outline about our show. So without further babble push play, sit back and enjoy!

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6 Responses to Two Peas in a Pod!

  1. ashleypmurray says:

    Sounds like a great project. I look forward to following along! Excited to see the topics you guys decide to cover.

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  2. Luke Braun says:

    Very cool guys. I’ve always enjoyed listening to podcasts and have often thought about doing one of my own. It looks like your off to a great start.

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    • Thanks Luke! I think podcasts are a great tool for learning and there are such a range as well. I think of the podcast Serial and how it was a good example of how a podcast can become such a broadly listened to outlet.


  3. Luke Braun says:

    Very cool guys. I’ve always enjoyed listening to podcasts and have often thought about doing one of my own. It looks like you’re off to a great start.


  4. Sounds like an interesting project that could go in so many directions.

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