Inside the Teachers Studio!

This coming Wednesday Lance and I will have our first guest on the podcast. Needless to say I am excited! Do I have any anxiety? Yes, I have ALL of the anxiety….. I love hosting a show it has been a blast so far and it is fun to create playful and thoughtful banter with a co-host. Conducting an interview with a guest, I feel, will be an entirely different story.
What qualities do some of the best interviewers of my generation have? Lets go through a few of them!
Jimmy Fallon: Jimmy has the ability to play with his guests and make them feel comfortable. When you watch him interview he is completely engaged in what his guests have to say. It is almost as if he has been great friends with all of his guests for years and they are getting together for some nostalgic reminiscing. They even play games on the show! Jimmy is charisma personified.

Jim Lipton: Inside the Actors Studio host, Jim is the kind of guy that takes his job and research seriously. A bit of an awkward host but undeniably one of the best in terms of asking difficult questions and definitely has done his research. With a stack of blue, recipe like, cards stacked in front of him with endless questions he is a well prepared host. Constantly asking questions about guest’s background, training, processes, and evoking impressions from actors to converse with their characters, Jim Lipton has a knack for creating thought provoking questions. As a former actor, this show was a Ted Talks for me!

George Stromboulopoulos – With a name that takes up a sentence worth of space George may be one of the most intense hosts I have seen to date. When sitting on his set with his guests it looks as though he is trying to make them uncomfortable because he is leaning so close that if his guest leans forward they would touch noses! His interrogation style posture is just a complete physicality of interest in his guests. George is captivated and “all in” by the guest that he is interviewing. Although his demeanor looks incredible intimidating he seems to be creating a comfort level between himself and the guests he has on his show almost trying to block the audience out of an intimate conversation. Effective and quirky!

I could go on but these three hosts are the ones that came to mind when thinking about having a guest on the podcast and how to conduct myself. All of them are different and have different styles but ultimately they are engaged, ask provoking questions, and make their guests feel comfortable.

Our first guest is going to be Jamie Mayoh-Bauche. She is an adult educator and is also in the midst of taking her masters. This may just be the best person to start with because she is my sister-in-law so already there is a comfort level that will help me ease into our interviewing debut. My goals for this interview are to make her feel comfortable, we will ask thought provoking questions that will enhance our understanding as to how tech is utilized in adult education as well as in her professional development and her everyday life.
With all of that being said I am nervous but excited! Who knows maybe we will become a hybrid Jimmy Lipton-Strombo!

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