Late Night With Adam and Lance

Our first interview has come and I am extremely happy with the outcome! Once you forget that there is a bunch of technology surrounding you when you are recording a podcast it becomes much easier and natural to have an interview. I have to admit that when we recorded our first episode it was intimidating. The most terrifying aspect is watching the program work on the computer, the scroll of color that represents the recording and the increasing time that is running on Garage Band. I decided that I would not look at anything on the screen until we were finished with the interview and it seemed to work, I felt much more comfortable with the process in our second episode.


Our first guest was adult educator Jamie Mayoh-Bauche. For the record, I am not going to write much about it because I think it would be much more satisfying you if you listened to the interview. It runs approximately 30 minutes and she covers how she utilizes tech in the class, for PD, and personally.


We did ask a number of quick questions at the end of the of the interview about what her favorite app, book, podcast, and TedTalk were:

App: Evernote
Book: Quiet by Susan Cain
PodCast: “Freakanomics” & “On Being
TedTalk: Anne Cuddy – Powerstanding


Without further stalling, here is our interview with Jamie! You can also find Jamie on Twitter!


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