Trending Social Media Becoming Nostalgic?!?!?

My class consists of 26 students, all of them are active on at least one form of social media. They all love technology, some are more savvy than others and the odd student is hesitant about moving from text to technology. I have started to take the leap from a text based learning environment to a technologically forward thinking inquiry based learning environment. I was interested in finding out what they were utilizing for social media outlets so as a part of our digital citizen unit we talked about what platforms they use, like, and dislike. We also touched on their favorite apps, length of time they utilize said apps, and why they are disengaged by others.

Facebook: I was surprised to find out that 11 of 23 of the students present this day use Facebook…..that is 48% of the class population. I was stunned! 7 of the users were female. Out of the 11, 7 of them visit their Facebook account daily. This social media outlet was the preference for 0 kids….Where are the kids of tomorrow going?

Snapchat: 15 of 23 kids have an account and are active users. 13 0f them are visiting their account daily and a WHOPPING 10 of 23 voted Snapchat as the social media outlet that they prefer! Snapchat was the winner in the preference category. Kids love it because you get moments from friends that are happening now as opposed to updates.

Instagram: 18 of 23 have accounts that they use on a regular basis. 14 of those kids check it daily, but it was only the preference of 2 of 23 kids. Definitely an app for the eye and creativity and that is what the users really liked about it.

Twitter: 13 of 23 have accounts. 7 of those use it daily and it tied Instagram for 2 preferences. I think this one is trickier for students because there is a whole language of hashtags and there are so many different people to follow and lets not forget trolls…..

YouTube: 23 of 23 use this outlet, not all of them have accounts but it was a 100% satisfactory vote from the class. 18 visit once daily, but it was only the preference for 7 students.

Kik: A messaging app that I have never used myself. 16 of 23 use it. 5 chat on it daily and it was the preference of only 2 students.

Messenger: The chatting off-shoot of Facebook had 11 of 23 students using it. 5 active daily and it was the preference of….no one….much like its father before it…..Facebook!

I took it upon myself to create a couple of different charts for you to look at with some of the data I had collected. The bar graph below shows what 23 students in my grade 7/8 class are using for social media outlets.


This circle chart shows what students preferred social media out let is.


Why the fallout from Facebook? My students agreed that everyone can see what you posted, among friends and family, and they didn’t want that. They realize that what they post stays on their page so there was hesitance about whether what they were posting was okay or frowned upon. They ultimately do not want to jeopardize their futures with funny photos that they could not remove. The biggest thing was anyone could comment and like what they post from acquaintance to friend to parents to grandparents, this is a fragile time in their lives and no matter how strong a person thinks they are….it is magnified when you are an adolescent. The class all agreed that they preferred to have one-on-one interactions with their peers on a platform in which what they are posting disappears. Felicity Duncan goes into depth about this in her article.

Throughout our lives we are going to see changes in trends from the economy to jean jackets to fany-packs and man-buns we have to come to grips with the idea that this  happens with social media too. My case and point: ICQ, Napster, MySpace, MSN Messenger, and pagers. We just all need to go with the flow and follow the experts of social media, the kids!


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4 Responses to Trending Social Media Becoming Nostalgic?!?!?

  1. Nathan Bromm says:

    My class survey a couple of weeks confirmed similar results other than your students difinitely use Twitter more. I agree with you that youth will always be on top of the newest technologies and trends happening. However, from my classroom experiences so far they have not twigged into the educational component of open education and networked learning yet so I think it is important to make sure out students are taught so they can not only be trend setters, but leaders on effective uses in education. I’m glad you’re taking on the challenge of inquiry based learning via technology. Your students will now go beyond trendsetting!

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  2. Yes I can see where the “here and now” of Snapchat would appeal to students. And as a Facebook user I am an aging demographic so times are changing…

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  3. hmatichuk1 says:

    I feel like the social media you use marks what age bracket you may fall in. What a great post and getting an idea of where your kids are at. I’m posting a social media age survey on Twitter to hear people’s responses? You should try it. Apparently, I’m 45.

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  4. I find it really interesting! All I have to do is pull out my iPhone and kids will immediately ask me what social media outlets I am on. They are so in tune with online socializing that they want to expand their friends list and followers. I am asked regularly to friend them but I think that there is a line that we can’t cross as professionals and our students need to realize that and why.


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