Yik-Yak Paddy Wack Give a Dog a Bone!

How does one edit a podcast?

This was a question I had when our mic unplugged at 19 minutes on our latest episode. Lance and I had just completed a 30 minute recording and started playing back the last five minutes to see how it sounded and we got a repetitive sound back, “and said and said and said and said….” over and over. This was terrifying! We had just sat through a half hour of recording and it was all going down the drain. Before we deleted the post we went back further and noticed the sound chart changed, played it, and could breathe again. It stopped recording properly at 19 minutes…..Thank God, my parents, my family, and anyone else I would mention in my Oscar winning speech!

The issue here was how do we edit where the podcast started looping? I found a helpful video on YouTube that helped with this anxiety ridden moment.

At the 19 minute mark we made our split then started to record the last stretch of the podcast. When we had finished the first thing we did was check it again, we heard our voices and then we merged the two recordings together and had a completed podcast!

What was really a moment of scary proportions was when we were trying to figure out what dialogue we had missed recording. Thankfully Lance and I are fairly organized and had made some organized notes that we heavily relied and were able to re record the content that we had lost after the first time.

Resistance to Technology in the Class

What both of us did not expect in our respective classes was the resistance to use technology. In the podcast we go into this in detail but it was a shock to me that there was any resistance to begin with. This is a generation that constantly have their noses down and buried in their devices. Most of my students have embraced utilizing their devices for school work while others have come to me and said “Can I just write this on paper, Mr. Williams?” when this happened I was stunned…I thought I was making their education and lives better and easier. Ultimately if a student is comfortable using paper over tech it is okay so I do a bit of bargaining at this point. Using technology is a skill our students need now and for the future, computers are going no where soon and are always improving. Not only is it important to be able to write but it is important to learn to type as well. I let them know that this is an important skill and said they could write out their assignment on paper but for the next one they had to use the technology. They agreed and understood why it was important and why I was making a shift in the classroom in order to cut down on paper use. Although this particular student wanted to use paper, they understood how changes happen and slowly wanted to integrate it into their education.


A topic I knew absolutely zero about are the social networks in the subtitle above. Upon further reading about said networks I became a little weary about the different technological avenues students could be heading down. Yik-Yak is a site in which you can post anonymously without a login which leads to a question I have for all of my readers: What good is a social media site that utilizes complete anonymity. For teens, kids and adults I think any media that has these perimeters is a bad idea. If someone needs to remain anonymous online, most times, they are up to no good. This is why it is incredibly important that we educate our future generation about online safety and positive online citizenship.


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2 Responses to Yik-Yak Paddy Wack Give a Dog a Bone!

  1. loganpetlak says:

    Always love how you integrate humour into your writing.

    The resistance piece is interesting… there’s a balance required between learning about both… I think that much like providing adaptations for modified or EAL learners.. we need the adaptations of technology AND traditional writing to best meet all student learning styles.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree full heartedly with your comment Logan. I think it is very important to have both writing and typing skills. The problem is trying to get the content kids to try different forms. Adaptations are incredibly important in our line of duty and we need to be open to the fact that not everyone is comfortable with the same medium.

      Liked by 1 person

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