The Devils Advocate

Is technology always utilized positively in the class?

In our latest episode of Education Tech we discuss this with High School teacher Danielle Bauche-Williams the speed bumps that we encounter when we incorporate technology in the classroom. (I linked to a reflection blog she had done for ECMP in 2009 because she is not active on twitter or any other social media outlet, other than Facebook.)

What seems to be the biggest distractions in her class when utilizing these avenues is SnapChat. When she asked her students approximately how many “snaps” they send in a day they answered easily 250-500 with a couple sending 1,000. This is mind numbingly crazy to me! They are using it in the place of texting and it is so bad that the school has implemented suspensions because of it. This is obviously a big problem when letting students utilize their own devices.

Photo Credit: thenewsin3

How can we monitor student activity on devices in a class of 25-35 students? This is one of the difficult questions that needs to be asked when looking at implementing tech in the classroom. I think this is the biggest struggle we face as educators who are trying to implement tech based learning.

In order for us as teachers to help our students make their digital footprints we need to help them learn about effective usage of time and technology. With the major concept and practice of open education there is a wealth of information and resources online, at their fingertips and we need to try to facilitate effective learning environments when we are giving students time to search, inquire, and further their education with the use of the internet.

It is great to implement technology into the classroom but we, as teacher, need to be hypersensitive to what our students are doing when they are given this time on computers and devices.

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One Response to The Devils Advocate

  1. Agreed. We absolutely need to know what our students are doing online at all times. They need to know that we trust them but that we are still always watching over them. Because we care. Because we are responsible for them and their classmates. Because we know there are so many distractions and temptations online. Hypersensitive is probably a good thing.

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