The Vlog Driver’s Waltz

The title for this blog post is a tribute to The Log Driver’s Waltz which is a Canadian treasure when it comes to commercials. If you have not seen it check it out NOW below!

Now that our free time has virtually run out on SoundCloud, Lance and I have decided to try a change in format and website host.


YouTube has been a major video sharing outlet for years. Lance and I have never really dabbled in posting videos before so we thought that this would be a great opportunity to expand out learning and try a new format….Vlogging. We want it to be much like what our podcast has been in the past the only real difference, you can see us.

In our first vlog attempt we used iMovie on Mac to record. First we had to figure out how to use this program so I found a couple of videos that helped quite a bit.

After watching the first video I still felt fairly overwhelmed because, although it was thorough, it covered too much too quickly. We just needed to know the basics so I found another that was much more helpful.

This one covered the basics, it was easy to follow, not overwhelming and showed the simple process of creating a new project, recording utilizing the webcam, how to take footage and insert it into your movie, and finally how to export the final product.

When we went to post the final product to YouTube we were notified that we could only submit 10 minutes at a time….ugh, we had almost 30 minutes worth of footage. So we found another helpful Youtube video that took us through how to verify our accounts therefore giving us the freedom to post longer videos.

Finally, without further ado, our very first, rough, vlog!!! Please enjoy!!!

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2 Responses to The Vlog Driver’s Waltz

  1. thiessendallas says:

    Your Vlog was great. I laughed throughout the entire video. I also liked how you guys didn’t edit much to see the process of creating a video blog.

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