Starting Up An Online Pa’Troll’ing Unit!

Remember when the term “Troll” meant that you were getting a cool little toy with bulging beautiful eyes, gnarly, unkempt hair with a gem bellybutton? Those were the days… You could see them on dashboards in cars, in your friend’s bedrooms, and at times lined up at a Bingo Hall for “good luck”!

Photo Credit: KalinAyn Photo

“Troll” has turned into a term for people who hide behind their computer screens verbally abusing others on social media outlets.

After reading different articles about trolls, I was shocked at how women are pretty much the sole target. This makes the internet a dark place for females who are trying to network through connectivity, a prime example is found in Katia’s blog post about her experience with a number of trolls on twitter. Threats and constant hatred in comments to blogs, posts, and tweets becomes a matter of personal safety. We need to find ways to cope with this type of bigotry, the best that I have found is by just ignoring the troll…do not respond! It is a difficult thing to do though sometimes, and Matt Rozsa outlines this well in his article.

Jon Oliver shows just how bad it can be for some females that utilize the internet that are targeted by trolls in his video found here.

When I think about some of the hate that is posted by trolls I wonder if it would be a god idea to have an online Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Should there not be some sort of punishment for degrading slanderous posts? The internet can be a great universe filled with unlimited tools and we should not have to deal with this kind of abuse. If we have laws against acting this way in person, why are there minor consequences for the same actions online?

Some questions to think about, that still baffle my mind!

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