Welcome to my blog! I am a grade 7/8 teacher who is curious about the different ways in which technology can be positively utilized in the classroom. I have a beautiful family that consists of a 7 year old with gorgeous corkscrew curly hair, a 3 year old with larger curls who loves to color and dressup, a 4 month old who has a hard time not smiling or laughing, and a beautiful wife who is also an educator, artist, amazing cook, and a great mother.

I love to watch hockey, I am a huge Oilers fan! I have a passion for acting and public speaking and I love making others laugh. I love the Muppets, I have always mulled over the idea of going to school to become a puppeteer so I could work on Sesame Street or any Muppet production. I also thought about going into sports broadcasting but decided that the perfect family friendly profession would be teaching. With teaching I get to integrate some of my interests into the classroom to make it interesting and fun for students.

I have my BFA in Acting, BEAD with a major in Drama and a minor in Literature, and am currently in the midst of working towards my Masters in Education Administration.

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    That’s just disgusting!

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