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Our Digital Lives As Resumes

When I post to my social media accounts I have to think of a number of different things before I do so. I need to be careful. I need to look at how postings effect my identity, I am not … Continue reading

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Your Autobiography in 140 Characters!

Whenever I was going to write as a kid I did not like it. Who was going to read it? Who wanted to read it? And what would anyone want to read my written work? With these questions in mind … Continue reading

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Late Night With Adam and Lance

Our first interview has come and I am extremely happy with the outcome! Once you forget that there is a bunch of technology surrounding you when you are recording a podcast it becomes much easier and natural to have an … Continue reading

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Inside the Teachers Studio!

This coming Wednesday Lance and I will have our first guest on the podcast. Needless to say I am excited! Do I have any anxiety? Yes, I have ALL of the anxiety….. I love hosting a show it has been … Continue reading

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The Dawn of a New Age in Education!

Web 2.0, who would have ever thought that anthropology could be so incredibly exciting and intriguing! What has really hooked me into this new age of online identity is the fact that it is highly social, and can be even … Continue reading

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