Irritated and Frustrated

Last week Lance and I recorded a vlog that you were, unfortunately, unable to see…

We recorded our latest episode on a newer Mac, the episode was 27 mins long and we were both very happy with the outcome. When it cam time to save the file it was going to take 8 hours to process it….A bit of a pain but I kept the computer on that night so it could complete the download. Morning came and there was 4 hours remaining and it didnt look like anything was happening. The computer crashed…it is currently being looked at….and I am hoping to god that our footage is still on it.

Photo Credit: gshaun12

This is the first really big set back that Lance and I have experienced with our project. It is incredibly disheartening though because we put a lot of time and effort into planning and shooting the episode.

What did we talk about in the “Lost episode”?

We started off talking about what the process of blogging has been like throughout this class, struggles finding an audience, posting of childrens photos by parents on the web, and there was also a stellar Trump impression done by yours truly!

When blogging, what we found the most challenging was finding a unique voice. Because we are all reading and writing about the same 4-5 article each week we found that sometimes it was hard to come up with a new voice that had not already been heard. My solution was that I read the articles and watched the videos on Wednesday and try to have my reflective blogs posted by Thursday. With this plan, that did work for me, in place I was given a fair more amount of time to research relating articles and work with Lance on our learning project.

This was my recipe for success until the technology difficulties. So I had to step away from the project for a small time and try to figure out a solution to this speed bump.

The computer with the footage, hopefully, still on it is in a computer shop being fixed. Once we get it back I am hoping that the episode is still on it and can be posted.

Photo Credit: braunkarljr2002

Until that happens Lance and I are currently planning our Summary of Learning which will be recorded on his, reliable, Mac.

Cross your fingers and wish us some better luck!!


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6 Responses to Irritated and Frustrated

  1. Oh no, this is my fear for my summary of learning project. Sorry to hear! And I totally noticed how fast your blogs were after class!

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    • It was very frustrating and there was really nothing that we could have done differently. I am excited about creating the summary of learning but I don’t think I will be able to relax until it is saved on a file that I can access easily .

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  2. Lori Duke says:

    Oh no! That’s terrible! Hopefully it’s retrievable. I’d love to hear that Trump impression, lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Erin Benjamin says:

    Fingers crossed you’re able to access it! If not, chalk it up as “part of the process of learning”.

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  4. Nathan Bromm says:

    Any luck? It is frustrating when that type of thing happens.


    • It was recorded on my Mac and apparently I may have lost everything that was on the hard drive…not good news. I took it in and they are going to try to retrieve everything but told me not to get my hopes up….very frustrating a lot of work lost! Just got to stay positive and move one.


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