Final Summary of Learning

It feels as though we just started this class yesterday, time flies! EC&I 831 has opened my eyes to the vast amount of different ways we can utilize social media and how our students utilize it. I have learned about different social movements that I did not know about previous to taking this class and it has made me become hyper-aware about the implications that come with having an online identity and presence.

This class has given me the opportunity to positively engage in an online community with my classmates that I hope to continue utilizing throughout my career. Blogging is something I was a bit skeptical about but have come to really enjoy. I am excited that I now have a tool belt filled with tech tools that I can now add to and use through out the duration of my teaching career.

I have also had a great time collaborating with classmate Lance Pollard on our learning project in which we learned how to create meaningful dialogue with each other and other educators. Expanding our knowledge base about how technology can be utilized in the classroom and school was a lot of fun to chat about and reflect on.

Learning how to properly use different recording tools such as Garage Band and iMovie and successfully posting them utilizing YouTube and SoundCloud has been incredibly rewarding.

Below is the summary of learning that I did with Lance Pollard, enjoy!

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2 Responses to Final Summary of Learning

  1. It is a good way to do a summary through conversation. Well done Adam and Lance, you explained everything clearing. I really like the part of slacktivism: doing something like retweeting which can help others is better than doing nothing.

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  2. janellemlaw says:

    You guys are hilarious!

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